dormidina: launching a renowned spanish sleep aid in a completely new market – peru

dormidina is a market leading sleep aid in spain, where it has been present for more than 20 years. we designed a campaign to launch dormidina in peru, creating as much brand awareness as possible with a limited media budget.


ads & materials created


media channels managed

positioning · tagline · key audio · key visual · illustration · animation

utmost simplicity and awareness to gain peruvians confidence

in order to quickly connect with the audience, we chose the name of a widely known and familiar peruvian lullaby as the brand tagline: “duérmete ya” (“fall asleep” in spanish). this short and self-explanatory tagline clearly outlines the product’s benefit, also showcased by the peacefully sleeping sheep on the moon.

radio commercial

on the basis of the catchy lullaby “duérmete ya”, we also created a very sleep-inviting and memorable radio commercial.

branded content · music · digital

creating dormidina’s own lullaby

as part of the campaign, we wrote dormidina’s own lullaby to generate engagement with peruvians on social networks.

content · digital · creative & production

to keep growing the bond between peruvians and dormidina, we are creating appealing social media content based on our brand character called “dina” which advises followers on how to improve their lifestyle for a healthier sleep.

point of sale · communication materials · gadgets

sales materials which make distributors “fall asleep”

in order to introduce dormidina into pharmacies, we created a number of sales materials which quickly and clearly explain the product’s benefits and innovations.

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