PBSerum Cosmeceuticals: A brand that understands beauty as an attitude

The beauty industry is crowded with competition and widely known for depicting women with aesthetic canons further from reality. Understanding that cosmetics are just a first step to beauty and that your self-confidence is what makes you truly beautiful are the cornerstones we defined as PBSerum’s brand essence.


Redefining the actual role of cosmetics in our daily lives

Beauty goes far beyond appearance. However, still the wish to be more attractive is positive, because looking after yourself makes you feel better, and feeling attractive will have a significant impact on your life. Thus, a cosmetic treatment that really works is the first step, but believing in yourself is the rest.

video · digital

A moving story about the unexpected behind beauty

A woman looks at herself in the mirror and discovers the world’s most effective beauty treatment: love.

product classification · packaging

Packaging that not only explains the product but awakes self-confidence

We turned the very packaging of PBSerum into a mirror with the message “believe in yourself” on it, making clear that the cosmetic product you just opened is only the first step to being beautiful. The rest depends on your self-confidence.

website · digital

An extremely effective but hard-to-understand treatment, made simple 

We created an easy-to-navigate and intuitive website along with a number of visually consistent images that clearly explain the brand’s philosophy and the proven effectiveness behind PBSerum’s “cosmeceuticals”.

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discover more work